Greetings to all! I would like to take this opportunity to welcome everyone to our website! I would like to use the safety report as a regular feature in our website and will endeavor to keep it updated and current with all sorts of safety tips, requirements, answers and questions … so if anyone has any queries, questions, ideas or statements please don’t hesitate to contact Frank on 083 377 6570 or e-mail me on

Considering that our club will be having our “Orphans day” and of course most importantly our “Boat testing day” in December, I thought it relevant to start off with the requirements for that day.

Please guys … come prepared there is no excuse for ignorance, I am at your disposal, in other words… if you are not sure of something contact me… Please don’t hesitate! I have below supplied a list of the items that are required for the day and am prepared to assist you in obtaining them! If you require flares or anything else for that day, contact me and I will obtain it for you, even if you would like me to “pre-look” at your boat before the day, just let me know, I’m here to make life safer & easier & for all!
Wishing all SAFE & pleasant boating!! 




Pre-Launch Check

  • Register your intention to launch, where you intend going, with beach control, parks board, ski-boat club or your base control
  • Check hull for any damage
  • Check drain plugs
  • Check gearbox casings, props and nuts
  • Check that fuel lines are connected to motors and to fuel tanks
  • Check that you have sufficient fuel for the day
  • Check steering lock to lock
  • Check gear levels forward and reverse
  • Start both engines (warm sufficiently if launching into a shore dump)
  • Check that your drogue-anchor is attached and is in the right position
  • Check that all equipment is stored and that your rods are tied down
  • Make sure that all your crew members have a life jacket on
  • The crew must be briefed on launch and safety procedures
  • Make sure that the crew is shown the right position to stand in upon entry to water
  • Do a radio check with crew or another boat

After launch

  • Make sure that the crew is standing in the correct position
  • Make sure that both motors are pumping water
  • Check each engine individually for power
  • Check that the steering is working properly
  • Proceed through the surf
  • When you are well past the back line make sure that everything on the boat is in order that all the crew are still onboard then radio in to beach control and let them know that everything is alright
  • Check and identify land marks for your return later that day




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